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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 31, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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five-point plan in the critical state of florida, that is essential to any route to the white house for him, no accident he is there. listen, we appreciate you being with us on this important news day. there's a lot going on these days, and we'll be with you throughout the days and weeks as we head into -- well, days now as we head into the big day tuesday. i'm megyn kelly, thanks for watching. here's mr. shepard smith and studio b. >>shepard: residents of a new york city neighborhood that burned to the ground during the storm, those pictures are just unbelievable how there. they returned to find that there are no homes. we will speak to a man who witnessed the fire like. the new york stock exchange re-opened today. all the fears of gloom and doom and a huge sell off, it did not
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happen. it was the longest weather-related shut down in more than a century. a huge news day all comes unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the storm has left nothing but the tremendous damage. today, the president found down in badly hit atlantic city, nothing, for a look at the destruction. the new jersey governor christie greeted president on the tarmac ahead of a helicopter tour of the damage. he has been one of the president's toughest critics but he says he doesn't care about politics right now and they are working to egg to heard the national guard and state recover. officials tackle the recovery effort, there is much despair, a last it, millions of still without power, many homes are gone and streets up and down the shore and new york are flooded or littered with downed trees. rick is on the jersey shore and
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jonathan hunt is across the river in new jersey which just got smacked. first, though, to ed henry. what is the president saying today? >>reporter: you showed the striking picture of the president with governor christie a top republicans very close to mitt romney, a very prominent -- they have to put politics aside. the president wrapped up an aerial tour with governor christie of the other devastation, horrific devastation. we had pictures earlier, as well, of governor christie comforting a woman who was openly weeping after seeing her home was destroyed. people have businesses destroyed. the president is headed now with governor christie to a community center at beach, northeast of atlantic city where air force one landed. we are told up to 200 people have been sleeping in this community center looking for a hot meal and looking for a place
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to sleep as they deal with one of the worst storms the nation has faced. >>shepard: heavy loads on the politician no matter what side of the political fence. >>reporter: no doubt. this is the third day in a row the president has been off the campaign trail which is striking. we are six days out from one of the closest presidential elections of our lifetime. the bottom line, while they are putting politics aside, today, one of mitt romney's top surrogates and the democratic president of the united states, tomorrow make no mistake the president is back out on the road, in nevada, wisconsin, on to ohio over the next couple of days. he will get back out there and mitt romney is campaigning in florida and vice president biden is in floridaed if today. both sides are getting back into the campaign and they realize they have to be careful to make sure the focus is on the storm and the aftermath with so many victims. >>shepard: thank you. the atlantic ocean is relatively calm today but it is far from
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normal on the jersey shore. in seaside heights the park is in ruins half submessaged in the surf. to the north across the river from midtown manhattan, a taxi braving the water crosses passes with someone roing down a street in a kayak. jonathan hunt will be live with news a few minutes and marring national guard trucks rolled through the city delivering meals and other supplies to those who were still stranded. people are still stranded in their homes with no way to get out and they are evacuating those who want to leave. now to rick down the shore. officials are not letting residents back in. rick: we have seen a handful of people make it beyond the roadblocks but they do not want residents coming in because of gas lines that are ruptured and downed power lines and debris and sand on the roads. there are hundreds of homes that have been damaged. you see what is left of the
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asphalt board walk several feet of sand washed out. if you spin around this way you can see the homes that have been trashed by hurricane sandy. a lot of the houses were pushed off their foundation. that ruptured the gas lines across this stretch of ocean front community so they have been dealing with that issue through this day and we have seen other damages an the island, cars flipped over and buried in sand and 4' of water and 5' of sand on 1st avenue. the water has now receded. we spoke with the mayor who lived on the island since 1943. here is what he said. >> we were very well prepared but not prepared for the a damage we got. >> you could now for see this? >> absolutely. i have been through 1992 which was bad. 87 was bad. march of 1962 storm was bad. but this is the worst.
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ever. >> he said the town was beautiful and it is shot but will be back. >>shepard: i understand boats are blocking the bridge? rick: there is a bridge called the glimmer glass draw bridge and next to it was a marina and the water surge was so high that it pushed the boats out of the dry dock marina to the bridge and we now learned officials say the bridge is structurally unsafe so after they get the boats off the bridge they cannot use the bridge. there is a lot more clean up before they are near normal. >>shepard: thank you, risk. >> now, fires have broken out amid the ruins along the jersey show from the gasolines. they started overnight and continue to burn in the afternoon. one small town sits on a narrow
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barrier island an hour drive south of new york city under normal conditions. officials say fires that destroyed a dozen homes during the storm rekindled because of the gas lines. another look at what the storm left behind here, you can see the bridge in the town is damaged. that made it difficult for the firefighters to get to the scene. a sergeant from the neighboring brick township police department is joining us. all the fire departments and first responders are helping people out in different towns and villages along the way, what are your biggest needs? >> we have had a lot of help from some of the surrounding towns, from state and the national guard is here. this morning we finally were able to get down to our barrier island to get some of the people that were left there and get them out. we did that today. >>shepard: 36 hours down there. >> we had the mandatory
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evacuation and some decided to stay but we took about 60 to 70 people out there today and thankfully there were no injuries reported. >>shepard: that is great. i wondered if they have gotten everyone out. it will be cold tonight. it was 40's last night and 30's tonight. >> very cold and it is obviously in power down there and it is our section of the barrier island which is about three miles damaged down there. >>shepard: everyone around the country especially people who have lived through hurricanes in florida and louisiana and mississippi, for years they are asking, what do they need? i say give money to the red cross, but what do you need? >>guest: red cross, just to help the people in the different shelters. in ocean county, obviously, a lot of shelters set up throughout the state. any help to the red cross to feed these people and clothe them. the people have obviously lost
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everything. >>shepard: this is outside your area but as a long-term resident can you see a time in the near future or do you have a clue when regular services could be available again and kids can go to school and life could get normal? >>guest: well, i am hoping the schools here in the township we have use add couple of them for shelters but we are trying to get some people to do more of the bigger state shelters hopefully we can clear that up and get the kids back to school and we hope to get things as normal as possible helpfully by next week. >>shepard: that would be great, sergeant, we are thinking about you guys. good luck. >>shepard: we saw big transformers exploding all over the storm but nothing could come fire to this. a new stunning video of a blast ahead and back to the campaign trail with six days until
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americans cast their votes. today governor romney unveiling a new strategy aimed at boosting the electoral votes and a slice of life in new york city. people are walking. everywhere. the cabs are jammed full. if you like to see new yorkers unhappy and dirty and smelly you might like lower manhattan where last night it seemed like everyone went to the upper east side to have food or visit friends. a common joke is it is the first time lower manhattans folks have visited their friends on the upper east side where they have electricity and food. you can tell the difference between the east side folks and the downtown folks by the way they feel. tough going in the big city. busy in here. yeah. progressive mobile is... [ "everybody have fun tonight" plays ] really catching on! people can do it all! get a quote, buy and manage your policy!
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having a news conference we will not bother you about it, it is for the local audience mainly. some interesting things saying that all the bridges that come into the city of new york are now going to be high occupancy vehicles only. so you cannot drive into the city by yourself anymore. they hope that cuts down on traffic because the traffic is a night mire. they are evacuating bellview hospital affecting 500 patients. not sure i why. mandatory evacuations of zone (a), people still cannot go back there. they have aunited states nod they will give up to 10,000 in loans for small businesses but no businesses downtown have been opened since the weekend. so, the revenue loss is big. a last thing, we got word, as well, that the knicks and the notes were supposed to on the basketball season tomorrow but
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the new york knicks playing at the formally new jersey and now brooklyn nets over at the new barclay's center in brooklyn and they are postponing that game. i was going to take the day off and go do that but it is hard to get to brooklyn. can you not take the trains. the tunnels are full of water and the subways are not ready. hard to have a basketball game in the middle of this. they are postponing it. we have a clearer picture of the size of the super storm because in cleveland which is obviously hundreds of miles from the atlantic ocean, gusts are topping 65 miles per hour. one woman said it sounded like a bomb went off. officials closed part of the freeway along lake erie where the waves reached 20' with power out to 100,000 homes and businesses in the cleveland, ohio, area, the rock-n-roll hall of fame and the gusts ripped off
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the siding from the building. mike tobin is in cleveland. how bad is it along the great lakes? >>reporter: as angry as the sea looks or the lake looks, shipping traffic is open. look in the distance you can see a cargo hauler back at work. 50 percent of the cargo haulers are back on the water. that being said, the storm tale drew water out of the river that connects lake superior to the other great lakes and lake super cannot be navigated. the coast guard says cleveland or the coast of lake erie got the worst. a number of docks were destroyed and 30 boats sank and 25 boats unaccounted for. one river here in cleveland right now is 2' above flood stage and expected to be higher because of the rain that will run off. there were a couple of people who were killed in the area and both of those people are people
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that elected to get out and drive away and they were killed in wrecks. there was one early voting location that lost power during the course of the storm and the secretary of state says no one showed up to vote. but you will never be able to calculate who decided to stay home and did not vote early because of the weather. >>shepard: that is true. thank you mike tobin. i mention add minute ago they are evacuating a hospital here in new york city, there is a generator problem at bell view hospital in an area that is blacked out, a huge transformer station exploded at 34th street on the east side so everything from that street all the way down to the main streets and the tip of the island, pitch black, still, with no power, and we have had no power since the weekend. that hospital is in that area and they are generating 500 people from bellview hospital. we will have some pictures from
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there. we have seen rain and wind and floods and fire and snow from the same treat storm that has been piling up in west virginia, maryland, pennsylvania, parts of kentucky, the blizzard has cut power to hundreds of thousands. officials say it could take days before everything is back up and running. rick is now running on fumes. rick, it just keeps coming. rick: it is getting better. there is a bright side for the current weather part and that is you look at the radar picture and the colors are not as dark and not filled in, the wind is subsiding. if we see heavy rain that is going to fall from this it will be parts new england and maybe maine but still, a warmer side of the storm and warmer air can ring out more moisture. a little bit of snow toward west virginia that could accumulate a couple of inches but the 34" of snow that some people have seen is done. the biggest left over problem is
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low temperatures that are really, really cold, and so many people without power here, across the ohio valley cold and look at the temperatures tonight, just into the 30's across the jersey floor and all the people that could be out here trying to see what they can make sense of their stuff, cold and uncomfortable. >>shepard: we are in the 5-day forecast of election day. how does it look? rick: i don't have great news. we are not talking about another huge storm like this but sometimes when you get a trough like we now have across the east coasts you start to see a pat endevelop and the models are now indicating we potentially have a next tuesday nor'easter, not a snowstorm, a cool rainstorm from around mid-atlantic toward the northeast, six days out that can change and we hope it does but right now there are hints of that and it is not good news. >>shepard: i thought today was thursday, that is why i said file day forecast.
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just got more word from the mayor of new york city, city schools in new york are going to be closed for the rest of the week. they now want staff to report to schools and there are 1.1 million school kids in one city, and they are off. school teachers and star are to report on this friday, so kids will be glad about that but they are probably bored out of their mind with no internet. what else? they have canceled thursday's opening game between the knicks and the nets. i hope that is the wrong word. reuters maybe does not get it right. you play 82 games so they will probably reschedule it. more on the storm ahead but first a disaster has caused big chains on the campaign trail. they have lost all sound from campaign trails. with less than a week until americans vote we will check in with campaign carl cameron. what has karl been doing?
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probably napping, he deserves a nap.
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>>shepard: president obama will return to the campaign trail tomorrow with evens in three battleground states and governor romney is crisscrossing the battle ground state of florida today. he is beginning speeching by urging americans to donate to the storm relief effort. >> they are going through trauma in a major part of the country the kind of trauma you have experienced here in florida more than once and it is interesting to see how people come together in a circumstance like this. >>shepard: he is right. both put their campaigns on hold as sandy slammed into the coast. yesterday, governor romney spoke with what agoers describe add a storm relief event in ohio but he back in florida today as i mentioned where the presidential
12:25 pm
race is neck and neck. carl cameron is live in karl gables florida. >>carl: they are back, mitt romney's hiatus ended after hurricane sandy and he has been cautiously but ramping up the rhetoric. there have been plenty of references to assist and encourage people to make disaster relief donations but the rhetoric has increased. he has not mentioned president obama by name on the campaign trail but the message is pretty clear, the choice is only six days away, and in romney's view the nation has an opportunity at hand to change direction for bold reform. watch. >> when you take a new course, we have 47 million people on food stamps. think of that. richest country in the history of the earth, largest economy in the world, and, yet, 47 million
12:26 pm
people need food stamps. so, i believe this is the year for us to take a different course. i will bring real change and real reform. >>carl: he is swinging through the sunshine state beginning in tampa and now here in coral gables and university of miami, and then wrapping up in jacksonville headed north. there is a whirlwind campaign schedule being assembled but they will not tell us where we are going beyond friday afternoon but we told it could be three, four, five state as day through the weekend as we head to monday and the conclusion of the campaign. that will be in new hampshire where the national telegraph newspaper endorsed president obama four years ago and, today, they switched allegiance and got behind mitt romney. >>shepard: i understand the campaign has a plan to compete in blue states. >>carl: they are trying to. romney campaign points to new
12:27 pm
polls in three states that were traditionally democrats leaning obama, and president obama won in 2008: pennsylvania, minnesota, and michigan. michigan, of course, is romney's native state and polls suggest obama has the lead but mitt romney has closed the gap to the margin of error. obama campaigns scoffs at this and senior obama advisor axelrod said if they lost any of those he would shave off his mustache of 40 years but mitt romney has considered headed there a sign they think the plafield is expanding beyond the seven states that have been hotly contested and present the romney campaign opportunity to put obama on defense and have the offense ease the path to 270. very, very close, six days left, polls suggest everything is
12:28 pm
tight and no way to know who has the edge. so, no time for napping, either. >>shepard: i was hoping you got a nap while everyone else was working. >>carl: not a chance. romney is staying busy. >>shepard: thank you, carl cameron. massive gridlock around new york city, 4.3 million people use the subways and there is no subway. commuters returned to work and many are trapped if their homes. the national guard rescuest ahead, and, also, there were buses coming out of harlem and people waiting four hours and never getting a bus and the new york stock exchange re-opened today and they all back to work but it could take time to get trading back to normal. check in with the markets and get you updated at the bottom of the hour meaning the top of the news here. cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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>>shepard: a paralyzed mass transit tunnel closure mess today in new york city, a traffic nightmare in and around the city itself. many returned to work to the first time since the monster storm, so many come in on the train and buses and subway and they are not working. some drivers spent six hours in bumper to bumper traffic to get to the city for a trip that normally take an hour. others decided to walk over bridges. some trains that service long island resumed limited service about an hour ago, very limited,
12:33 pm
a train an hour. some subways are set to start running tomorrow but not between manhattan to brooklyn or manhattan to queens but inner burrough. the mayor announced mandatory car pooling and at least three people have to be in the car to pass the bridges and all the bridges and tunnels, so all of them, and the new jersey transit is suspend asked there will not be any subway service from look at that, the entire tip of the island from 34th street all the way down, there is still no power and you cannot run subways without power so there are no subways, nothing down there. that area is some of the most departmentally populateed real estate on planet earth. some residents outside manhattan in new jersey right across the river, look at that massive map, right across the river, today
12:34 pm
the national guard started rescuing people, started to rescue them. this thing happened sunday night i believe it was and it still flooded over there and jonathan hunt has made his way over. i have friends over there and, in fact, lots of them but a few friends say we are stuck in our apartment and one chick's boyfriend, she has rearranged the apartment twice. >>jonathan: a lot of people are probably doing much the same. hundreds of residents have been stuck since monday night when the storm tale hit and the national guard finally getting in today forming rescues by high trucks and some by vote, we have a cameraman out on what we believe will be a boat rescue and we will show thank you in the fox report tonight, but earlier today we spoke to a couple of guys who had been rescued by the national guard as they got off their truck in
12:35 pm
downtown hoboken. take a listen. >> i should is gotten out sooner probably. just makes you realize how much you miss power. you cannot go anywhere. >> no power. been there for to days. it smells terrible. the fumes are getting strong so we moved out. >> we smell bad. it is smelling bad. than the worst is they can now play their video games without power. for a lot people it is more serious here and as you said, some are still waiting for the rescues the national guard here and a tough, tough time. >> the mayor was pleading for help, and i figured they would by today but it is still a huge nightmare for people would need to travel into new york city. can you not get from there to
12:36 pm
here. >>jonathan: a lost offices are opening up, back in the city today, so a lot of people are expecting back at work but it is nearly impossible for them to get from here on the west side of the hudson river to the east side of the hudson where you can see the world trade center. very difficult, indeed, and everyone was trying to do it by car. today it created an absolute mess and that's why they are now putting in place from tonight, the h.o.v. laws saying if you are going over the bridges into manhattan other than the george washington bridge you have to have three people in the car. we hope we can get back in we only have five between to cars so you do the math. it is going to be difficult. a very, very limited subway service we are told will startup tomorrow and a very, very limited commuter train service later today and to give you heads-up tonight, we will check to the fox report because we will show you from our point here what should be an
12:37 pm
extraordinary show of manhattan, to the invite midtown and beyond, all lit up and this, obviously, lower manhattan, pretty dark. it should be an extraordinary site tonight on the fox report. >>shepard: that is reality here these days. thank you. hoboken is one square mile, 50,000 resolution dens known as the most bars per square foot of any city in the united states so i hope the bars will figure a way on get open. now, the united states coast guard lieutenant commander, who toured the damage all up and down the jersey shore and joined us from his coast guard air station in atlantic city where the president laboratoried. how are you? >>guest: great. >>shepard: i know how thankful new jersey is for you guys. what do you see? >>guest: we seeing a lot of destruction along the coastline. we knew in atlantic city and looked at the casino area to new
12:38 pm
york city and john f. kennedy and la guardia and got a look of the entire area and we had the county responders down here if atlantic city and we have politicians flying around later on today up in the new jersey and new york area so they can get a damage assessment and a look at what needs to be done first. >>shepard: what is your thinking on big picture here? >>guest: the amount of sand and destruction and debris in the coastal towns it will take weeks to get back on their feet. quite a bit of damage. >>shepard: people will have a hard time getting around but it seems almost impossible they would be able to get power to some of those places because you cannot get there. >>guest: there are barrier islands that have bridges that lead to town shut down so just getting people to begin work will not start for a long period. >>shepard: the coast guard is used to seeing damages in places all over the country, what is your take away? did you ever imagine anything like this was possible here? >>guest: after all the years
12:39 pm
living in florida, no, but after back-to-back years, it is eye opening. >> we look at your pictures and i heard so many people describe it, it is trite to call it looking like a war zone but that is what it looks like. >>shepard: what is your plan? people will need breaks? >>guest: we are getting most of the county, the local, the state and firm personnel out and about see what has to happen first. as far as the coast guard, we are doing our usual operations, search-and-rescue response there and with the flood waters receding it is mostly the ground parties that are taking the people away and evacuating them from the flooded homes. i remember yesterday what worked and what worked almost perfectly, and now it happened up and down the jersey shore.
12:40 pm
>>guest: it is a great job and we are happy to be here. >>shepard: god bless. new amateur video shows the placative explosion that list up the light in new york city, and, as sandy came through the region, look at this, look at this. look. reasonable needed something there. man alive, that is the end of the power fox blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks, the blast happened onioned night at a power station knocking out 300,000 customers in manhattan, that is not 300,000 bill, but 300,000 mils, so it is one thing to have the power out for a few days but a few more days out with no power, it could get weird. wall street opened and wall street got the power up. we may have to wait a while for
12:41 pm
normal trading this is not normal. the mayor bloomberg getting the job done, now he is up there ringing the bell, and 9:30 this morning, when it always opens and remember, this is the first time in more than a century the markets closed for back-to-back days because of weather, and outside the building, an associate press reporter described the scene as strangely quiet, and much of the neighborhood, all of that neighborhood is still without power and everything but the stock exchange is running on backup general varieties and trader confirmed that many wall street banks are operating with skeletal staffs. it is not business as usual? >>guest: not quite. we expected everything to be up and running and we are not quite there yet. pretty well staffed on the trading floor with the traders in. that is the good news but limited phone and internet service. i know you are thinking they do
12:42 pm
not use a tell to place orders do they? the answer is, yes, sometimes they do use the tell, they use the internet, and big problems with that as you said, electricity down, down this bradley outside of the building and making it difficult for people and that company is shutting down trade this afternoon and they are actually baseed in new york city. it only handles 11 percent of all stock trading orders. >>shepard: they are a market maker. >>gerri: correct. >>shepard: a lot people work over there. gear the guts of the business and really important and they have problems, too. >>shepard: do they think, we had a huge jobs report on friday because it is a few days before the election will that be delayed? >>gerri: no, we get that on time. that is what we are told. anything could happen with the storm but here is what we look for in the monthly jobs report. a rate of 7.9 percent, 125,000 jobs to be add and we will get a
12:43 pm
look into that tomorrow with the adp report, and we expect that private sector report to add 135,000 jobs compared to 162,000 in september so not as good. >>shepard: over on the business network you still had business. >>gerri: we always have business. there is always business on the business. >>shepard: now i know. more than 100 families are hopeless after the huge fire that broke out during the storm, the whole neighborhood, really, and some of the folks are going back to see if they can salvage anything and most cases the answer is "no." we will talk to a man who was trapped in his home as the inferno roared describing flames at 1,000 degrees being pushed along at 100 miles per hour. [ dennis ] it only took two minutes for this town to be destroyed.
12:44 pm
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>>shepard: governor christie and president obama supposed to talk during this hour and we are watching for that and now we are looking at the queens neighborhood of breezy point and hundreds are trying to come home and some are coming back to find there is nothing there. it was a six-alarm fire on to which the devastating storm surge and 100 homes burned to the background and 20 suffered serious damage and you can see how nothing but the rubble remains inside the fire zone. it is unbelievable. man tried riding out the storm inside his house and five houses away from the fires' edge and he said i stayed up all night, the screams, the fire, it was horrifying. here is the response from a veteran firefighter. >> i have over 34 years on the job and never seen this before. not this amount of devastation at one tire. you all think back to the world trade center that was different but this is unbelievable, why
12:48 pm
foe how much of the neighborhood but a chunk of the neighborhood is gone. >>shepard: lots of police and firefighters live in and jack is one. he saw the flames and surge from his own home along with his wife, children, and grandmother, and jack is with us. man, i cannot imagine being there with the fires leaping around. take me back. >>guest: boy, it just, the water just came real quick, the first high tide was in the morning at 10:30 and we rode around, and the water came up halfway up the beach, then to the sidewalk, and, then, suddenly, we had 6' to 8' of water surrounding the house. i had a generator manning the pumps and the electricity and all windows in the basement from the water surrounding the house
12:49 pm
just cracked open. it was like the movie "titanic" all the water gushed in the window. we had to move to higher ground. so we went up to the deck where we had the generator outdoors, of course, and naturally, i pulled that plug from the pumps and this were houses going up in fire and it was a mistake but the water was right there to the first floor, the bay met the ocean, that is what happened. and at the same time the fire started it is my understanding it started in one house and they are not sure what it is, and at this point, who cares. >>guest: what it is, i am sorry i cut you off. >>shepard: we have the pictures of the flames, some of the firefighters lived there. it must have been hell. >>guest: you see, there are walks where there is one house
12:50 pm
2' away from the other house or 3' away from the other house and it is a very old community here and it dates back to 1900 people going down there so all of the small houses on the walks, one went up and they were just too close. thank god i lived on the bay which even though it took a hard shot, i have a huge piece of property around myself and i was okay, but we were watching the flames and we were just...we lost 110 homes. very bad for those people. i don't know if anybody got hurt. or injureed. >>shepard: i tell you what, that is the best news of all of this, they say that nobody in this neighborhood was seriously hurt by some miracle. the good folks down this i hope they figure out what to do. jack, thank you, from breezy
12:51 pm
point one of the finest middle class hamlets you will ever see with historic sites dating back to rerevolutionary time. and waiting for the president and the governor of new jersey, >>chris: i to speak. settlement. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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>>shepard: the super storms trigger add lost damage to historic storms in southeast pennsylvania. this is about an hour north of philadelphia. british settlers made their homes in that area around the year 1700. it is not far from where george washington crossed the delaware river. now the storm has pulled some ancient trees out of the ground. steve, this is sad to see.
12:55 pm
>> these are beautiful 80 to 100-year-old trees. yesterday in maryland we were at houses that were trashed by the water. here in pennsylvania, people are trapped by the trees. joining me is officer boone. officer, we are seeing downed trees, downed power lined, i see a green wire, silver line, what we are looking at? >> that is devastation from the storms and it has people trapped if their homes here and in bucks county. >> now, we talked to a woman who can not get out of her house and people are just trapped, stucked by the trees. >> we tell people to sit tight, stay at home, if you need help we will be more than happy to come out and help you but do not try to cross the wires and the power companies are working in from outside in to get in. >> and different areas of the storm we have seen fire, wind and flooding and in pennsylvania, story is trees,
12:56 pm
treed that have smashed houses and knocked down fire lined and on this street all of the above. >>shepard: i hear they are having a hard time to get enough people with chain saws to get anything accomplished. >>guest: you would think without be hearing the chain saws but we do not. it is very, considerably more quiet. the problem is the power lines. you have to stay away until the experts come in first. >>shepard: thank you, steve, rooming around the devastation that is the aftermath this storm. we are waiting for the president, and governor christie of the state of new jersey will speak about jersey's woes. that is coming up hungry for the best?
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